Monday, October 31, 2011

Costume Vote: An Elder in P-Day clothing, or a Sister Missionary Serial Killer

Elder Darcey's second email.

This week has gone by so fast, family!

People were right when they said that once a missionary makes it to his first Sunday, time flies. I no longer know what days we learned things or when we were where or anything. Time has literally flowed together into one big day.

I now understand what the apostles mean when they say that time is an earthly convenience. Once you are on the Lord's time, man's time no longer exists.

So I learned amazing things about Moroni yesterday (I think it was yesterday...) His writing suggests that he buried the gold plates multiple times as he repeatedly retrieved it to write more. Orson Hyde called him the "guardian spirit of America", the keeper of the plates for eternity and the Prince of America, who may have guided Columbus by dreams and camped with Washington during the Revolution.

According to Joseph Smith, Moroni dedicated the ground for the Manti, Salt Lake, St. George, Nauvoo, Jackson County, Kirtland, and Idaho Falls Temples and when found by six Lamanites in his extreme old age, he killed three before the fourth got him. Moroni is more important to us than we will ever know in this world.

I did not expect to learn so much in the MTC.

Now, back to the costume decision, Help me pick. The first seems fairly reasonable, but the second stems from the unconscious desire I must have to pick off sister missionaries. I nearly broke one's nose, while playing volleyball. I almost decapitated another during the game (she ducked). I tried to take out the kneecaps of another while at lunch. I am a menace without even trying. (My apologies in advance, Cami and Dia.)

I am out of time already, so I'll just finish. Mom, get me some photos of Aidan as Death and call Grandpa because he saw me at the temple.

Bye, I love you.

Elder Darcey

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