Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hey I Ran Out Of Time!


This is a continuation of my letter on P-Day because my email time ran out insanely fast; (remember how time is all messed up here in this dimension.)

Mom, I hope you are able to blog this as I don't want to think that I wasted all that time, sitting next to you while we set up the blog, watching you mangle the computer while I couldn't touch it (as I was already set apart) .

[We are learning how important the internet is to the work of the Lord and I'm reminded of the admonition of the apostles in previous conferences about not wasting time on-line, but do family history by blogging diligently of our testimony of His work.]

So, I'm working out a lot (in the cafeteria) and have gained ten pounds since getting here. My ribs, spine and kneecaps feel bruised. For someone who never aches, this is new. I got injured from sit-ups. Don't believe me? Speed-pull a hundred on a dare on a hard gym floor and see what happens. (I mean you, Brock Atkinson).

Someone, please listen to the music, "My Kindness shall not depart from thee". I love that song at the moment--sometimes when we feel lost, this is what God is saying to us.

[Mom butts in here: Dia and Brian performed it at her farewell in Lehi.]

Aidan, go online to, go to the media library, click on feature films and watch Johnny Lingo. It is one of the best films and I'm still hanging with the Samoans, so when we watch it, that makes it double awesome.

That's all I have to say, so I'll stop writing now.

Oops! So I lied! I felt that I need to end with something spiritual and I HAD AN AMAZING experience in the TRC (Training Room). Me and my companion taught an honest-to-goodness real investigator. SERIOUSLY !!!!! Actually TWO OF THEM!!!!!

He came from a college here and was brought to the MTC by friends who were volunteering. He tagged along to get a lesson because he was really curious about Mormons. We gave him and his girlfriend two copies of the Book of Mormon (that said, PROPERTY OF THE MTC, but we told them they could have them anyway!) and asked him to be baptized.

I am told that it is never too early to ask people to be baptized like Christ. He said, "If this book is true, then I will have to get baptized."

I asked him to read the last paragraph from the introduction in the front (Hey, go Read It!) and then I told him, "This book is true. I've lived my entire life, and staked my reputation on that fact. If you read it and pray about it, I swear to you that you will get a confirmation one way or the other."

Both of them looked at me in shock. Why would God not tell them? They both said they would and I know they'll get an answer.

Seriously people. If you really want to make a difference... I mean--Save a life kind of difference, serve a mission.

Elder Darcey

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