Monday, November 14, 2011

Too Early for Christmas List??

Did you know that I missed Elder Holland being up here? in my area? IN MY WARD?????
He said some amazing things there. the three points he made were:
1: you can't argue with the evidence.
2: you can't imagine the blessings
3: you can't kill this.

The third point was the most impressive. He said that they tried to kill the Savior and thought it would end there. They killed all the apostles and hoped everything would settle down. They Killed Joseph Smith and said "Thus ends Mormonism". Elder Holland even talked, pretty frankly, about how he and the other apostles know they might be killed at any time.

He left by giving his apostolic blessing to the ward "as if he was laying hands on every single person in the building." Most excellent, but I missed it by two days.

Can someone send me the list of how the 12 apostles died? kthx.

The Alaska mission is different from anything I imagined. Everything is adapted to fit the area and the people here, because it's truly unlike anything or anywhere else on earth.

On a slightly unrelated note, did you all know that my favorite birds are Ravens? (Not crows; don't mix it up) Because the only birds in Alaska at the moment are Ravens, and they're awesome. Awesome here meaning "really big, really sassy, really confident and challenging, really holycowtheyaresomassive, and so on".
No other animals yet, but I've eaten Alaska Salmon (so much better than any other salmon) Moose (tasty) and Halibut (not bad at all). Food is no problem up here. The entire ward has already been informed about my allergy and have no real problems working around it.

Side note: Did you know teriyaki sauce has wheat in it?

Please look up the CD "Nashville tribute to missionaries, The Work" because It's awesome. Mom would probably cry. Also look for the song "Witnesses" or something along those lines. It's about the three witnesses to the Book of Mormon telling how they can't deny what they've seen, heard and felt in a trio. I heard it sung at the MTC and love it. Please look it up.

I'll send pictures some time. Probably before Christmas. which is in less than 6 weeks.


Nashville tribute to missionaries the work CD (make sure to actually listen to it before sending it, because it's awesome).

MoTab CDs (you can't just send my iPod; it's not allowed up here, but the Mo Tab songs don't have to be all Church Hymns. just anything by them is OK [You know what that means. Find the Lord of the Rings sung by the MoTab and send that])

Conference talks (or anything like them) on CDs.

Reese's peanut butter cups. ( I have such a craving for them right now; I don't know why)

A couple of those UV "happy lights". I don't miss the sun yet, but we're really not getting that much of it, and it only gets worse.

You are in my prayers, Your son, friend, family member, Elder Darcey

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