Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Priesthood Line of Authority, Amazing Week and other Things


Not a lot of time, because I was reading through my AMAZING Emails that I got from my AMAZING family and friends, but I do have some cool things that happened this week.

First, We had ward/branch conference up here. It was incredible. The stake president got up and said that when he talked to young men who didn't go on missions, he said "Thanks for your sacrifice."

We all wondered, what sacrifice? He went on: "Here you are, graduated high school, dropped out of college, got a minimum wage job, bought a car, 4,000 dollars in debt, living with your parents, coming to me because you've broken the Law of Chastity..." (Which, by the way, is the most important thing in the world right now. Have you seen the way the world's getting? I am so glad I grew up with a mom and dad who love each other and received the blessings from living this law,) "Look at all that you've sacrificed!"

On the other hand, he looks at Returned Missionaries, and sees that, while their lives aren't perfect, that have been so immeasurably blessed by and through and because of their service, both temporally and eternally.
Which one really made a sacrifice? Think about it.  I have done not much in comparison.

Anyway, this week was amazing. We've been getting more and more lessons, and people are truly getting closer and closer to Christ. We're managing both Areas pretty well, Our Tech stuff isn't taking to much of our time this week, and we're just doing great up here.

Also, the Sun's out. The temp has been blisteringly hot. (40+) The snow is almost gone.


Random thought, but I got my Priesthood Line of Authority, and it's got some holes in it. and by some, I mean, a lot. Can someone take a look at this and get back to me?

Anyway, Let me share something this week. It's a bit personal, so no details. However, this week, My companion and I made a goal on how many lessons we would teach this week. We set it pretty high, especially given the area and its history, but We knew we could do it with the Lord's help.

Long story short, through some amazing miracles, which
1. Could not have been coincidences and 
2. Could NOT have been us alone,

we achieved our Goal.

The Lord is in the Details. Our Mission President has said it hundreds of times, but Now I know it for myself.

Anyway, that's all from me this week. Remember and look for the miracles in your life. Call them what you will; call them coincidence, or fate, or Karma, or whatever. Remember that they're from the Lord.

Love from the North,

Elder Darcey

Monday, April 15, 2013

BUSYness is BESTness

This week has been so packed. Well, actually, just the last day of it.

The week has been wonderful, all. The sun has shone all week, the weather's been getting warmer, the sun doesn't go down till 10 pm, and it's up at 7 am, (and getting brighter every day) and our week was Packed with stuff to do.

I was really grateful for the business. As our mission President says, "if someone who has to keep all the standards of a missionary (no TV, Internet, books, dating, schedule, so on) and doesn't have work, they're not a missionary. They're a monk".

In fact, we were thinking about it, and we're even less than monks. We don't get to nail theses to Chapel doors, or hold inquisitions, or get cruelly burned to death.

so, in conclusion to this thought, I'm glad is was a busy week.

Let me tell you about one day of it. Saturday. We had picked up a member to take to a lesson (the member in the photo. If there's anyone I want to be like immidiately after getting off my mission (besides Derick; Brian doesn't count because I didn't know him right off his mission) this guy is it. His name is Tsimmeej, pronounced chi-mang, and he's awesome. He jsut went back to BYU-I; Alaska is darker without him) and our Lesson fell through twice. (don't ask). Meng said, "Elders, When you're lessons fall through, and it's near lunchtime, the best thing to do is eat".

Sage words.

from that lunch, we ended up teaching a man at the Carls JR who wanted to know all about Mormons. It was amazing.

And from that day on, Everyone was home, and everything was amazing. great day. I thought about it like the Great Apostasy. God's not going to leave the Earth in darkness for too long. As dark as winter is, the Summer will come, and it will be bright and Glorious.

Anyway, My time is up, but it's been a great week. Never doubt that God is there and that He loves us, and that ESPECIALLY that He is aware of us when we struggle. Then, at a fast food place, God will send you a reminder that He loves you.

anyway, Love from the North,

Elder Darcey