Monday, November 21, 2011

Just passed my One Month Mission & Four Year Baptism Anniversary

[photos courtesy of the internet not Elder D.]

Greetings from the Frozen Chosen up in the one Real mission.

I'm doing just great. I'm eating well, nobody's tried to kill me, and the only wild animals I've seen (alive) are ravens.

This week has been awesome. first off, I heard my immediate family was in 39 degree weather this week. Good Job! Up here, We've been in the negatives all week. Quite literally, the temperature has not yet gone above 0. I recently remarked in my journal that I'm beginning to think anything above -10 is warm, and I actually mean it. It's not just me either; the rest of the State is just like that. There are a couple "weirdos" who think it's too cold, but the rest of us are fine with the cold.

The sun went down at 3:30 today. It came up at 11, so I don't need sunglasses for more than a few hours each day.

But enough about the weather and the darkness. We've done a lot this week, but it's a toss up which is the most interesting. I'll tell you both, and you all decide.

First: We chopped wood in -20 degree weather. It was too cold for us to see our breath, but we had icicles in our hair, noses and eyebrows/lashes. I would have taken pictures, but my camera wasn't working, and neither were my fingers. People of the Lover 48, I have felt true cold, and it only gets better from here. My gloves are working fine, as is my hat. the wood mauls just sucked the heat out of our hands.

Second, I contact called a group of Jamaicans--in Jamaica. One of our members in the road has MS, and is basically house ridden. He's an AMAZING guy, but that's not the point. the point is that he's been getting dozens of calls a week from a huge group of Jamaican scammers; the type who call repeatedly and say: "You've just won 3.5 million dollars, but you need to send X amount of money to Y place."

The funny thing is that they think we're stupid, so right after we threaten to call the authorities and hang up, they call again--with the exact same story. They really are either crazy or just stupid. But anyway, I joked right after our member had just hung up that he should refer the Jamaicans to the missionaries and on cue the phone began ringing, The member hands me the phone and says "Have at it."

I answer, and can already hear the other person start their spiel when I interrupt with mine. "Hello, this is the Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is Elder Darcey, how can I help you?"
They hung up and they haven't called back since. Obviously they weren't ready for religion.

The people here in Alaska are so incredible. They come from everywhere, have had every sort of life, and yet have all ended up here in the magnificent place.

Somewhat shorter email this week--sorry. I have not yet received the warm clothes, but I'm a size ten in shoes, so hopefully they fit. I would like to add Milk Duds and headphones to my Christmas list to send me. I'm doing well and staying warm despite the negatives. Hope you're all well.

I'm praying for Aidan and everyone.

Elder Darcey

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