Wednesday, November 30, 2011


FOR all the Guys: Cousins, Brock, Conner, Jon, Daegon, Kyle, Jake, Friends, Michael,

I'm going to share a revelation that I and one of my Zone leaders had while in the MTC.

Before reading onward, Go on Wikipedia and look up the basic premise for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that's found in Dragonball Z. OK?


Revelation time.

The HTC and the MTC are one and the same.


Proof? The HTC and MTC are both places where you enter and train for what seems like years at a time, only to leave and find that you've only been inside for a few weeks or months. They are both places where days pass like weeks, and weeks pass like days. Time is distorted and warped inside the MTC.

"Time is an invention of man. When you're on the Lord's errand, time has no meaning." I probably made that up, but it's true nonetheless.

Here's another proof: In the HTC one of the people training remarks to his dad how much he hates the place, how he can't wait to get out, and so on and so forth. There are people who also do that in the MTC. However, when the person finally got out of the HTC, he was the most powerful character in the series, and in fact was the first one to ever go Super Sayan 2.

I testify that the MTC is the same. People go in weak and helpless, but we come out as elite members of the Lord's Army. Never forget how much potential you all have.

Elder DArcey

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Spencer said...

What you say about time is true. It is confirmed in scripture in the Book of Mormon by the prophet Alma (read Alma 40:8). By the way, this is Spencer Coleman (formerly Elder Coleman). I served in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission, and I had the pleasure of meeting you and you're wonderful family when I served in Broken Arrow. Hope things are going well for and pray for your success in the mission field. Merry Christmas!