Thursday, October 20, 2011



And still no one's sent me anything? Not that I'm missing you, but I expected a huge amount of stuff from what everyone was telling me. Have my letters even reached you guys yet? I've sent one almost every day.

Oh well. Let's just talk MTC. This place is amazing. There is such a continuous spirit here. On my first night here I simply thought: "This feels like home".

Moving in was fine. I didn't have any problems with getting places or finding people. My companion's name is Elder Yde. Yes, that's spelled correctly. It's pronounced like "Wide". He and the other two roommates are all going to Alaska with me. The other two are Elders Gardener and Finai. Elder Finai is incredible. He's from Australia, but is Samoan. He's got the huge body, the giant look, the tattoo and everything.

I've got the best district in the entire MTC--Bar None. In addition to the four of us, we've got Elders Ram (India, English speaking) and Smith (New Jersey) and Sisters Rivera (Alaska) and Wright (Jersey again). Our teacher is Brother Bacon, and he's amazing. Our classes are filled with the Spirit.

Me and the other elders get along great. You wouldn't recognise me from the "Terrified of people" that I always was. The spirit is continuously helping me, letting me meet new people and loving them instantly.

Food here is good. Like [the younger] Sister Darcey said to, I went and saw Diane-the cafeteria lady-on the first day. She hooked me up with all the great stuff. The food is alright, but there's never enough.

Like Sister Darcey, can I just go back and ask for more to be made for me for the next day or something? I'm always hungry nowadays.

I'll wrap this up so that I'll have enough time to read the Email that you will sent momentary. (hint hint).

I'll end with my love for this place. It's a place of amazing learning, where miracles occur every day, and where the Spirit is a constant companion. Love to everyone, and I'll talk to you later.

Again, just so you know, my P-days are Monday, so there.
Elder Darcey

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