Sunday, October 23, 2011


Family, Friends,

It's Sunday, and the days have passed like wildfire. It really is true what they say about this place: "A day passes in a week and the weeks pass like days."

My district really is the best in the MTC and we're not the only ones who think so. At the time of this writing (7 a.m.) we're the only district who've made it to personal study. Our group is so cool.

The class yesterday was amazing. Brother Bacon (our teacher) gave each of us a personal application of the Restoration (lesson 1) the spiritual manifestations were amazing; Bacon pulled up things about each of us that I swear he didn't know. Elder Y was really touched when he spoke to him about families. Elder F did the same about the Book of Mormon. I didn't even know that I had question or a fear until Bro. Bacon helped me find it. The spirit is so strong here, it's amazing.

I'm wrapping up now because my hand is done writing. Love to all, both here and online.

Elder Darcey

JUST MTC BUSINESS: Did you get my other letters?

  • Have you sent mentholatum?
  • Did you post ALASKA facts?
  • How is Aidan doing at school?
  • Has the peace promised to families worked yet: Are big and little cats friends yet?
  • Is Dia coming home ever again??
  • Did Gadafi really die,
  • Who won the BYU game.
  • Do people miss me?

Elder Darcey, again.

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