Friday, October 28, 2011

Samoan Choir Boys


It is still P-Day; and there's still no email, mail, letters, postcards from anybody. Oh Well.

I haven't really eaten yet; we decided to just eat sack lunches instead of getting clothes on and going to the cafeteria. Unfortunately, I found there's almost nothing I can eat in the sack lunch line. Add that to the fact that we missed breakfast because we were in the temple from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. -- and you get one hungry elder!

(LDS Temple in Samoa)

We've done laundry and are almost to dinner, but not for a few hours. I tried to get in a nap for a few hours after the temple, but all the Elders on the floor decided to use our room as the party area for one reason: Our zone leaders are leaving Wednesday, so they were released and who got called but our own district's Elders Ryan and Smith! So that's why we slam hosted the party. These elders are absolutely awesome for the job and together they are such amazing companions.
Last night Elder Finai and I sat in the Samoan section of the auditorium for the firesite. A couple of days before, Elder Finai had been needing to speak Samoan with some missionaries for practice so I went along because our companions were busy. Elder Finai was amazing at this task and I enjoyed just being in the room with them . This time, Elder Finai convinced me to join the Samoans singing group after the other Samoans asked him to bring me along because I was "cool." (All this said in Samoan, so I didn't know until later.) We sang Samoan songs and church songs in Samoan. it was amazing and spiritual and even though i didn't know most of anything that was said. I now know one word in Samoan: Talofa mans Hi.

4 hours pass...

Hi, I'm back, dinner was wonderful and still no letters. I got many plates of food and ate well, but there is no keeping up with eating with the Samoans. Ah Ha! My roomies just brought me a letter! A Dear Elder from... The Atkinsons! My cousins have officially sent me a letter sooner than my parents!

I'll write them personally, but let me say this is on the blog: (You are putting this on the blog, right?)

Thanks, Atkinsons, so much for those thoughts and prayers. I am so glad for all of you and pray for all of my family every night, and morning and every time inspiration strikes me.

I close with love to everyone, even those who haven't written me.

Elder Darcey

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