Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Scriptures

Before my mission I was searching for my birthday scripture and I found some irony:

All of my birthday scriptures are dark and scary. By the way, it's almost all of them. I'll start in the Bible and then more on to the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine in Covenants. (Mom, blog.) If the chapter doesn't go to 6 or the verses to 29, they're not listed.

Love to you, even who haven't yet written,

Elder Darcey

Exodus 6:29 Not bad, not good, Lord tells Moses to speak to Pharoah
Leviticus 6:29 Ditto Exodus, Priests eat.
Judges 6:29 Gideon has just desecrated an altar--Yes, one to Baal, but still...
1 Kings 6:29 Not bad, not good, Solomon's temple carvings so it does involve knives.
2 Kings Woman angry because they boiled and ate her kid. I know, creepy.
1 Chronicles lists the sons of Merar
2 Chronicles Yeah, death, pestilence, sores, grief visited to any man.
Job begs God to kill him
Proverbs Adultery
Jeremiah Jerusalem being destroyed - Not pretty.
Matthew Not even Solomon
Mark John the Baptist, corpses and tombs
Luke Cheek smacking and cloak sharing
Helaman Satan, Gadianton, works of darkness, secret murder.
3rd Nephi More Gadianton's, destroy and murder.
Ether Jared and his brother die. Enough said.
D&C 6:29 rejecting the gospel. yay.
Moses-forsworth themselves,hell. woopie.

And there you go, most are bad, none are inspirational. Hffmmmmpt.

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