Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There is No Chance, No Destiny, No Fate


It's good to be home in Craig. Have you been getting my Emails? For some reason I feel as if they're not getting out to you. I don't know.

 Anyway, it's nice to be back from Ketchikan and seeing Elder Denison off and away.

My new companion is named Elder Terry. He's from Orem, UT, he's 20 years old, he's been out for 7.5 months (one transfer longer than me), loves drawing and being awesome, has skin grafts on his arm from playing with fireworks (he melted the skin off his arms, legs and face; you could see his cheekbones. It's a complete miracle that he healed at all) and is awesome. He is so in tune with the spirit, and he does what I can't: he asks questions about people and gets them talking. He can just ask questions that get people to talk about themselves, so you can learn. He's epic.

This week has just blown by. In this week alone we've picked up 3 new investigators, which is huge for a Bush area. These have been coming for a while; they just needed the questions asked that would get them investigating. The area was picking up in the last transfer; now it's just on fire. We're just going to keep working and going strong. The Lord blesses exact obedience, which is super important in the bush, 600 miles from anywhere.

Mom, nobody believes that I had a mullet. Can you email some pictures of me with my hair? They should be on facebook or something. Aidan, you're using my computer? Is Little Aidan going to melt my hard drive again like Sister Darcey's? That would sadden me.

 This week or the next is going to be big for our area, because our main investigator is going to ask her dad if she can be baptized. She's been working up to it for almost a year now, so it's going to be awesome. She is beyond converted; her dad was just anti-ed by one of the people on the island and now thinks that she's joining an cult. Her 18th birthday is next year, and she's going to be baptized then anyway, so I don't see how 10 months would make a difference. I kid you not, She's more spiritual and prepared than a lot of members I know; she's probably more converted than I was when I got baptized.


Love from the North, Elder Darcey

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