Monday, May 21, 2012

Lost In The Dark -- Spiritually and Physically


You know that you're an Alaskan if...

  •  You laugh at people who wear coats when the temperature drops to 50°F (I always did this though, so nothing new) 
  • Anything above freezing is T-shirt weather (That's how I got Freezer Blisters on my arms; it was -17, but it seemed warmer...) 
  •  You need an air conditioner when the temperature soars into the 60's (seriously; it's gotten to 50 and we start melting) 
  •  You think the Red Green show is a documentary (this is my favorite)
  • You know if you tell your kids to "be home by dark" you won't see them until Fall (The sun comes up at 4 right now, and it's not completely dark til 10).
I think I'm there.

Anyway, It's good to write again. This week has been crazy difficult, but also filled with Blessings. We had 2 days in a row where everything fell through. Literally, everything. It's been difficult to get up in the morning. People don't want to talk to us. Everybody keeps simply not showing up to appointments.

We Drove to Naukati (pronounced "knockity"), Coffman Cove and Thorne Bay (accidentally; we missed our turn back to Craig) in one day; it took 5+ hours. The weather's been bad, The days have been rough, and the work has been slow. however... The work still progresses.

God finally got to the Heart of one of our investigators problems. She's native and has been told repeatedly by other Christian Faiths that God can't love her. Added to her own, really harsh personal experiences, she doesn't believe she's a daughter of God. After enduring 2 hours of senseless rambling, we finally got down to the Heart of the problem: She feels rejected by God. She knows there is a God, but she also believes he doesn't care about her. After another hour, we finally just bore testimony of God's love for her. It was incredible. The Spirit bore that witness right to her soul, and she broke down crying. She not only felt our love for her, but she felt Her Savior's love for her through us.

 We didn't deserve that experience, but we got it anyway. Just another testimony that God loves us as well.

 I want to answer a few questions that arose previously, "Are you wearing the knife for protection or just to impress the parents? Yes.

 What is that photograph of a bear. Did you take it and are you close up to it and why is there no cage between it and you if you are that close. Was it one of the ones that you mentioned when we spoke on the telephone. Remind us of the story? There aren't any cages on the Island. That bear was about 30 feet away, just off the side of the road. My camera has awesome Zoom abilities, regardless. It was a little one, regardless, probably only 5 feet, maybe 150 lbs max.

Last week's photo of the welcome sign of Thorne Bay is a Logging Claw, the biggest in the world. After the majority of logging shut down, it was converted to the welcome sign. Side note: next to the claw is a small wood park bench. People are so worried about the claw being stolen (sarcasm face), they attached a small chain to the bench. Now, if anyone tries to steel the claw, they have to drag the bench too! genius! The claw is completely safe from thieves now.

 I would respond to your question by saying: I am wearing my pajama pants in public because I'm awesome. And it was 8 in the morning; we had been up and driving since 6 to beat the low tide in Kasaan.

 Anyway, my thought this week is in Alma 1:1. Warred a good warfare? That is way cooler than you would think.  If you "fight the good fight", that's only one battle, right? King Mosiah "Warred a good Warfare". That means he fought to do the right not just once, but every day. He fought not just one battle, but many battles.

Maybe he didn't win every battle, but he won the war in the end.

 Application time: We need to war a good warfare. we don't have to win every single fight with Satan; in fact, it's guaranteed that we won't. However, we need to keep trying, keep fighting, and keep getting back up.

The victory doesn't go to the winner of the most battles, but the one still standing at the end of the War. We can beat Satan; he doesn't even have legs to stand on.

 Anyway, that's my thoughts. Love to all

From the it's-going-to-be-one-of-those-go-from-winter-right-back-to-winter-years North,

Elder Darcey

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