Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Went Fishing!

First, sorry for the short email this morning. Derick was correct when he asked if I was running late; we were, and I wasn't in a bad mood. Promise.


Dear Family:

We went fishing today P-Day. My first time fishing in probably 7 or 8 years, and it's amazing. We're fishing for Steelheads, which are kind of the King of Rainbow trouts. Anyway, we got all hooked up (jokes) to help a member up here and went out to the Thorn River. We didn't catch, or even see, any fish, but it was awesome nonetheless.

Alaska fishing beats any other kind any day. Go on, I dare you. Just try to find any fishing that's more awesome.

 This week has been great. We've been working hard all week, striving to get up every day on time and do the right thing, and we've noticed the immediate blessings. It's incredible how successful we can be when we're trying hard to always do the right thing.

 The transfer is coming to a close, right when things are starting to happen. Elder Denison doesn't want to go anymore; he's been working on getting Sunday services set up in the outlying communities for 6 months now, and it looks like he'll leave just as it's starting to happen.

 I'm sorry, I've completely forgotten what I was going to say in this Email; Fishing took all my memory space.

Memory:   Oh Yeah,  Mom, if you could sent a Large Flash drive up here next time you get a chance; I need something to store pictures on, and the USB drives up here are 80$ for a 16 GB. That is not right.

I need to wrap this up. Please know that while I'm not saying anything of importance, I still love you all. I'll try hard to not be running short on email time next week. Love, from the where-are-the-fish-I-though-this-was-Alaska North,

 Elder Darcey

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