Monday, April 9, 2012

We Had A New Investigator -- Six Hours Church Straight?


 Let me tell you how awesome conference was.

IT WAS AWESOME. I think one of my favorite talks was by Elder Andersen. Anyway, the big news is that we picked up a new investigator...sort of. We just invited her to conference, and she showed up. FOR ALL SIX HOURS. I was pretty impressed, seeing as most members don't stay for the entire time, or watch the whole thing in one break. It was a real testimony how much people can be seeking out the truth; all we need to do is show them where it is.

 Sorry about the shortness of the emails, and the lack of the responses. I'm still kicking a bad cold that swept me yesterday. Literally, one second I was ok, the next I couldn't breath and was coughing and sneezing and dying. Go figure.

 This week we helped pour concrete at a members future home. This wasn't a little "eagle scout project" pour; this was a "the cement mixer had to go and refill twice" pour. It was pretty awesome.

 I recieved an awesome package from my family! it had a belt (I'm running through these things so quick; you just keep sending one every 4 months or so and I'll be good) a BOOK (this book is awesome. Thanks so much for sending it). I also received a DVD with awesome music on it! (I can't get it off the DVD, but that's ok).

 This week has really again affirmed to me how important it is to keep working, regardless of how much success we seem to have. One day we had everything from 3:30 on fall through, and we spent the entire afternoon just looking for people to see, or service to do, or things we could fill up our time with. It was important to do that. We could have just called it quits, but that would mean admitting defeat, which is something that neither Elder Denison or I like to do.

I wish I could finish this story with a "and then we found someone who was awesome and we're now teaching them", but that would be a lie. We didn't find anyone to meet with, and we didn't find anything to do, but we tried anyway, and that's what's important. I was advised by someone to try out the Paleolithic Diet. I object due to a couple reasons. First, I don't eat less food. Second, I'm a missionary, with what's known as a "meager income". third, it doesn't seem to have any good effects. Last, I'm doing ok with just my Celiac diet as it is.

 I better sign off. Love to all from the North,

Elder Darcey

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