Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There's No Place Like Craig, There's No Place Like Craig,

{Mom's note: I think this first photo is Elder Darcey in the background. Now, back to this week's missive.}

Oh, Right. Like if I had magic shoes I'd go to Kansas.

Dear family and friends,

Here's a native joke. It tells a lot about the natives.

The Tlingit went to Ketchikan and started a Fishery

The Tsimshian went to Ketchikan and started a Cannery

The Haida went to Ketchikan and started a Fight

I jokes.

It's good to be back on Prince of Wales (does that make us POWs?) This week has passed in a blur. We were in Juneau for most of our week for Zone conference, which was awesome. We then got stranded in Sitka for two hours when our plane started leaking fuel. we got into Ketchikan just in time to get on the Airport ferry (Ketchikan's airport is on an island; in order to get to the city proper you have to take a ferry there) and wave at our ferry as it started sailing back to Craig. Since the ferry only runs once a day, we had to wait till the next day to get home.

I promised that I would talk about Wicked, so here I go.

In the musical, there's the one song "Defying Gravity". It's an awesome song, but I just recently related it to the gospel. Picture Elphaba as an investigator to the church. Everyone around her is trying to bring her back down, but she's "defying gravity, and no one's going to bring her down". She finally realizes that even if it means going against the grain and the world, she has to do what's right.

Anyway, that's my thought on that.

I can't really tell you about the work this week. We've been out of our area the entire week. The only news we heard was that apparently, the Jehovah's Witnesses were out in force on the island. As the saying goes, "When the Mormons are away, the 'J-Dubs' will play" (I jokes).

Juneau was nice, but not as nice as PoW. The weather everywhere in the southeast has been heavenly.

I love you all. Talk to you later.

Love from the breakup-has-come-with-a-vengeance-North,

Elder DArcey

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