Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ketchikan Again, Go Figure!

Dear All,

I heard about Cami's flight plans. For her to go thousands of miles takes four hours. For us in Craig to get to Ketchikan, it also takes four hours. The only difference is that Ketchikan is only 69 miles away, give or take. Go figure, right?

Anyway, I am again in Ketchikan, after a grueling three hour ferry ride. Why have I left my area for the second time in two weeks? Well, it's because Zone conference is fast approaching, and we are headed to Juneau tomorrow. So, unfortunately, we actually haven't been in our area long enough to actually do anything there. In addition, we won't be in our area all this week, either, because we won't get back to Craig until (hopefully) Saturday, but maybe (Hopefully not) next Monday.

Despite all that, We had a lesson with an investigator a few days ago, which he said (he's been meeting with the missionaries for over a year) was the best lesson he's ever had. He's usually not our investigator, because he lives up in Hoonah, but whenever his job brings him to Craig, he's ours. We read and explained 2nephi 31 with him, which took an hour and a half, but was amazing. The spirit was truly there, because there's no way we could have worked in such great harmony otherwise. Elder Denison related the entire doctrine of Christ to bowling. And Guess what? We found later that our investigator is a absurdly good bowler. (contrast with my last bowling score; 5, with 19 gutter balls in a row). It was awesome.

I got a package from the Occidental Sister Darcey, which has been in the mail since Dec 22 of 2011. It contained one of my new favorite ties ever. Thanks lots, Sister Darcey. I also have a list of questions that I shall answer to the benefit of all.

1. The schedule stays the same regardless of the sun. We still keep 6:30-10:30 hours. We don't come in earlier or later, regardless of anything.

2. My companion is a turkey (that one's for you, Sister Darcey). Everyone else can take from that what they wish. (from the movie 1776, everybody else). I would also describe him as a Dr. Bunsen. He plays the Ukulele. Really well.

3. My favorite scripture today is all of Mosiah, from King Benjamin to Abinadi.

4. I don't know how long it takes to get mail; Shorter than you'd think, though. I see my Mission President less often, although I saw him last week, and this week as well. Craig is very far (MOM please look this up) from Ketchikan.

[Craig is 55 air miles from Ketchikan]

I'M OUT of time this week, because we have a lesson. I'll see you next week, in which I'll talk about Avatar part two, and Wicked.

Elder DArcey

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