Monday, March 12, 2012

Transfer Day and I'm in Ketchikan --Connecting Any Dots Yet?

HA. Just kidding. I am still in Klawok, but I'm writing from Ketchikan, but it's because one of the Elders here is leaving, and we need to stay with the other Elder until he gets his new companion. So we'll be here until Wednesday. My PoW is staying the same; Elder Denison and I will be together for another transfer.

President and Sister Beesley came down here along with the Juneau Zone Leaders. We had awesome interviews along with President Beesley giving an awesome fireside about his time in the Air Force and being the chief test pilot for the new F-35, along with over 50 other types of aircraft. It was awesome; he related it all to the gospel.

This week (and last week) has taught me a lot about exact obedience. When we do the right thing; not "almost" the right thing, but the right thing, we get instantly blessed. Mosiah 2:24. We've been trying that out, and let me tell you, it works.

I don't want to make people feel guilty, especially since it's probably a problem on my side, but I haven't received anything from my immediate (even more immediate than you, cousins ;) ) family since I got down to Prince of Wales. I wouldn't be worried, except that you said you were sending a package? That is the only cause for my concern.

The work progresses. We're working hard on getting new investigators, which is slightly difficult when there's only 3000 people on the entire island. We're mostly working with Less-actives, though we have a couple investigators. One has been on date for baptism, but can't get up and get to church, which is a problem. we've done everything from calling to coming over that morning and cooking breakfast. Nothing works. It's all up to him now; either he chooses or not, we've done all we can.

This is all. We've both been feeling a cold virus that's swept the entire island, but my "fortress of immunity" (copywrite that) is staving it off. After all, "No [unsterilized] hand can stop the work from progressing", right?

Love from the Can't-decide-if-it's-winter-or-spring North,

Elder Darcey

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