Monday, February 27, 2012

Running on Slow Motion/Stop Action Time Here


This week has been slow. There is a distinct "island time" that pervadest he area. "If it can't get done today, tomorrow will come tomorrow." It makes missionary work difficult, especially for people in the outlying aras of the island, who we can only feasibly visit a few times a month. However, as with all areas in the world, the work still rolls on.

The weather has turned off cold. We've still had the best winter ever since I arrived, with most of the days being cloudy without much rain, and some days even being sunny. Now the bays are frozen, the rain is falling horizontally and the forecast is snow for the next week.

I don't really have a lot to write about today. The one that is pervading my thoughts is prayer. Do I really understand prayer? Not how; I don't mean in what order to say it or what I should be asking/thanking for; but I mean in what way do I approach God?

Do I ring for him like a valet? "I'm here and I need..."
Do we call on him in earnest supplication?

Do I speak to him casually, as I would to my friends?
Do I approach him as we would a King of Kings, our Lord of Hosts?

Do I stand proud of my virtues as did the Pharisee?
Do we bow our heads and humbly kneel, aware of our sins, begging for mercy as the Publican?

I'm thinking about how I pray to Our Father in Heaven. This week has taught me how much I need to work on that very topic. I am so far from perfect at praying--a poor prayer supplicant. In fact, I might be far from even acceptable as I realize how much more humble my prayers could be. The only think I do have going for me is that I know God knows that I am now diligently striving to do better. And He loves me.

This week, I would encourage all of you to do the same evaluation.

Salutations from the turned-cold-but-still-much-warmer-than-up-in-Chugiac-though-still-much-wetter North,

Elder Darcey

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