Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Shack in Craig AK

Thank you, Derick for the DearElder. They always make me happy.

Dear All,

Seasons (all three of them at once down here {I no longer recognize Autumn, by the way}) greetings from Prince of Wales Island (I've always wanted to live on an island) Here's some fun tidbits about where I am:

I live in a little shack in Craig. Although it's little, it is cozy, and still twice as big as my apt. in Chugiak.

We walk everywhere we go because our car is currently broken. This isn't a problem in Craig, but it gets a little awkward when traveling to other towns. See, our area is called the Craig Branch, but in reality we cover the entire island. The Island, by the way, is about 2600 sq. miles. So, you know. Dang.

The weather is really, well, it is usually rainy (we're in a rain forest area, after all) and we get about 140 inches of rain a year (Oklahoma gets 40, Utah gets 19). However, 2/3 of the days I've been here have been beautifully sunny. (I've only been here for three days though).

The bush is completely different from the other areas. There is always something to do out here. We have some great investigators. One has a baptismal date set for the 3rd of March, so pray that he makes it to church these two weeks. Investigators have to participate in church or they can't get baptized. We have another investigator who has been investigating for a few years now, and would have already been baptized if her dad would let her. He's strongly anti (or so I've heard; I have not met him as of yet), so she's waiting for her 18th birthday. She's awesome.

We still have problems finding new people to teach. We're thinking of starting a Bible Study group for the towns of Craig and Klawock. It would be awesome to do (I've always wanted to be in a Bible Study group).

MATI ATKINSON: I found your friend who you were talking about; Elder Clark. He has been in this area before. Go figure, right?

My new companion, Elder Denison, is awesome. When I walked into our shack (I've always wanted to live in a shack) the first thing I noticed is a Legend of Zelda drawing on his notebook, and I thought "We've going to get along just fine". We have so far. President told me and him "E. Denison has needed a good companion for a while now, so I'm sending someone with whom he can get along, and who will work hard".

This area is going to be full of good things. I'm grateful for all the support at home.

Love from the not-quite-as-frozen-as-it-used-to-be North,

Elder Darcey

Photos coming. I even have a video of a whale, so I hope it's small enough to send. HA!

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