Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So Many Things To Write


Happy new Year!  Christmas Zoo Siab! I have many things to say, and not many times to say it.
First, some things I forgot to say to my family during the phone conversation:

Aidan, I can't get over your voice.

Spicy food is REALLY deadened by salt. try it out.

The 1st horseman of the Mission Apocalypse is Bad Timing. He arrived late.

You really were prophetic with sending up that watch. Mine emitted a horrible scream (literally; I've never heard my watch, or any watch for that matter make a noise like that before) and died a few weeks ago, just a week after getting a new battery. So now I'm using the new one. :)

If you want to buy me a tie that would be nice.  I love the chinese one that Grandma Bezzant gave me.  The blue is not my fav.  I hate blue.  And the CTR is nice too.  

Now for something completely different:

Transfers came. Elder Greer, my companion for two weeks, is going to Fairbanks, which is the only place I would want to go right now if I had to leave the Hmong Branch. However, I stay here. I'll get an Elder who just finished getting trained, and teach him all I know before I go. I have a feeling this will be my last transfer here in the Hmong Branch...

I'm about Out of time; New years has messed EVERYthing up this week. I'll have a better email next week.

Oh yeah, I have to tell you about the new adventure, though. It wasn't even my fault this time...

We were just driving in a parking lot, making a turn, and POW. We get clipped from behind by another car. Everyone is again good, and everything is ok. This bodes ill for the remainder of my mission, however... It wasn't even me driving, since I'm red-dotted (unallowed to drive) for the rest of my mission.

Anyway, that's all. Love you all.

Love from the North,

Elder Darcey

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