Tuesday, January 8, 2013

hi, all,

This week has been a whirlwind of awesome. First, let me tell you about my companion, Elder Crowther, or Thajyeeb, (means peaceful; it's a powerful name.)

He's from West Valley, UT, he's been out 3 months, and he's my 3rd companion who's been trained in the Alpinglow Ward. Alpinglow trainees are a powerful bunch, and this one's no exception. He's most awesome.  

We are actually extremely alike, which is a little creepy at times. The days are spent learning Hmong, quoting Homestar runner, seeing people, and randomly singing acapella. 

Anyway, did you hear about the guy who was addicted to brake fluid? 

He said he could stop whenever he wanted.

*bdonk chss

My new years resolution is 1280x720.

*bdonk chss

But seriously, not much has happened up here besides that. We've been going all out learning Hmong, because I've got a sneaking suspicion that this will be my last transfer in the Hmong branch, at least for a while. I'm ok with it, as long as I get to come back sometime.

I need questions from you all, because otherwise I run out of things to say.

Oh. The fourth Horseman of the mission Apocalypse is misplaced. Seriously. 

So, in order, that makes The Three Horsemen and One Pedestrian/Cyclist of the Mission Apocalypse: Bad Timing, Flat Tires, Insufficient Postage and Misplacement. 

Love all of you, need to go. Miracles happen every day; just look out for them.

Love from the North,

Elder Darcey

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