Monday, January 21, 2013

Weather, Socks and Scriptures


 It's been an awesome week up here. Awesome as in that it fills you with Awe, not all of that necessarily good.

 Nothing bad, mind you, just annoying at points.

 First, the Weather. It's been warm. I'm not talking Alaska warm, where 10 above is Shorts weather, I'm talking 45! The Cursed Chinook Winds have come again!

 How bad was/is it? We cancelled church yesterday because it had rained all Saturday, and the roads were freezing. It didn't help that the rain continued all Sunday as well. We're going to die if this ever gets around to freezing again.

 But anyway, Life's been great up here. I am in constant awe of my companions spirituality. He is amazing. This week we went all out learning Hmong and seeing people and we were blessed with so much Success! It's amazing to only think about the people we're trying to help, trying to see. Our Hmong has been blessed so much as well! People who don't believe in the gift of tongues and the interpretation of the same haven't seen my me and my comp (bad grammar, but I have an excuse: I'm speaking Hmong!) learning Hmong.

In one week, My companion can already read, write and has a lot of phrases down. Blessings abound. We were told by our teachers that we sounded like Natives, which is the most awesome cool thing ever. (Insert picture here, blog mom).

 Anyway, we were grounded yesterday, so nothing was really accomplished there. These Chinooks are crazy. Speaking of Crazy, Everyone go to the Mormon Message "your day for a mission" and listen hard for a very familiar cry.

You'll freak when you hear it; I did.

 Socks: Mine are starting to all far apart all at the same time. Goldtoes, Dark grey, not black, I'll send you a picture next week. (mom, remember that sort of "unconventional" way we got all gray socks at the store by replacing the other colors? You think you could grab aidan and make it happen again? I probably only need a few pair, but I do need some)

 Also: I had a cool thought while reading the Scriptures a bit ago: Picture the most amazing, happy, fun, cool, awesome place on Earth. (Disneyland with all my family) Now are you ready for a cool thought?

 1 Corinthians 2:9 : But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

 Isn't that a great thought? The greatest place we can imagine can't even come close to how great it's going to be in Heaven. Think about that for a bit. Out of time.

 Love from the Not-so-frozen-North, Elder Darcey

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