Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 I am sorry if any of my thoughts seem scrambled; I blame the computer. It took almost a full hour to read my emails, because the thing wouldn't scroll down. It was Odd, to say the least.

 Here in the Brayton ward, things are going awesome. Between interviews with President (I love that man), and getting gluten the next day, (all who are GF, Red Robin's Restaurant is not as GF as they say they are...) and my companion getting all his stuff stolen out of the car (over 1000$ worth; GPS, sunglasses, camera, backpack, scriptures... ouch.), we still had time to have a lesson with our new investigator, B! She's half chinese and extremely interested in the Church. We found her working at the gas station, and she's awesome.

 I think I'm going to need to buy a GPS up here. I'm having directional difficulties again.  And yes, it needs to be up here, because these are the only one's that come with Alaska maps already loaded.

 I gave a talk at church about trials and how to overcome them. I though it was pretty good, especially since I just opened the scriptures at random that morning and chose something to talk about. I opened up to Mosiah, where it talks about how the lord gives trials to make us stronger. I used the trials in my life as examples; being GF, baptized at 15, and so on. I used them to show that not only can we overcome, but we also get stronger through it. In the end, it was a great talk.

 Got to go now, but I love you all. It's been raining a lot up here; Maybe utah should just move to Alaska. 

Love from the North, Elder Darcey

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