Monday, August 6, 2012

A Righteous Leader at the Helm?


 It's good to write from a working computer. I have only a few things to remark upon, but Hopefully they are good things. First, I'm doing great. No problems with being GF, no real issues with any personal things, except that one thing I have already emailed my parents about, which they hopefully respond about soon... maybe... please...

 We had a pretty hard week here in our area, though it wasn't much harder than most missionary life, so don't worry. the most interesting day was when we were out frying to contact former investigators, and one asked if we were drunk for calling. He told us that he was a day sleeper (it was 5:00 PM), that his entire family woke up too (are they all day sleepers? Did we contact a family of vampires?

 One's name was Felix... if you get that reference, kudos), they were all mad (as if we insulted them, their dog, and all their ancestors back to Adam...) and that we should never drop by, or we would be really, really sorry. it was fun. However, there is a opposite to everything!

 At 8:30 that night, we get a call from our investigator who is open right now! it was awesome! We had a great lesson with her, and really enjoyed the time, and in the end had a great day, because of course, all's well that ends well. So that was a great day.

 Here's a cool thought about rightous leadership. it's in 3 nephi 3: "Now behold, this Lachoneus, the governor, was a just man, and could not be frightened by the demands and the threatenings of robbers; therefore he did not hearken to the epistle of Giddianhi, the governor of the robbers, but he did cause that his people should cry unto the Lord for strength against the time that the robbers should come down against them."

Now check out the footnote for robber; it goes to 1 Kings, where King Ahab (wicked) is presented with the same threats, and he capitulates completly.

On the other hand, look at Lachoneus. He doesn't fear a man; he only fears God.

It really makes a difference who's in charge; if they're rightous or wicked. That's really true on the mission, and in life, If we're put in charge, we need to show rightous leadership; otherwise we end up as Ahab. That's all really.

Parents please write back soon about that issue.

 Elder Darcey

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