Monday, August 13, 2012

Satan Tries to Kill with Enchiladas!

To swat a millfly, use a shovel (Star Wars reference, anyone? Yes? No? OK, never mind).

 To swat an Elder Darcey, use MORE Gluten. It's funny, how Brock tells me to watch what I eat, And Dia (formerly Sister Darcey) Eats a whole Non-GF Pie, at the same time as I'm Doing the same at a Mexican restaurant up here in Alaska, two days in a row. (don't ask)

 This Sunday was great, and by great, I mean horrible. I woke up feeling good, shifted a little, and had a gluten knife shoved into my gut and twisted. All day long. It wasn't the funnest day I've had out here. But enough of that. I'm OK now, and probably won't die anytime soon from that.

 Other than Death's Near-Elder-Darcey-Experience, This week has been pretty awesome. We're probably turning our only investigator over to the YSA Elders, though, which is kind of a bummer.

 On the Other hand, She'll be around people her own age, and she'll be able to go to more activities and stuff, which will help her more in the end. So, We'll just go get more investigators!

Somehow... Parents, my finance issue last week has been resolved. Thanks so much for making it work out quickly and effectively. I also got the dehydrated apples you sent along with it! Thank you sooo much! You have no idea how much I loved those things. Yes, they're gone now. I ate them all. But thanks. I loved them.

I don't really have a lot more to say. I really am sorry for the short emails- it realy has just been business as usual, doing the same things,

While working hard to not get in a rut (hard up here, ruts are all over the roads...).

 Love to you all from the North, Elder Darcey

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