Saturday, July 14, 2012


It's with mixed feelings that I write you a few days earlier than normal. Earlier, because I'm leaving PoW, and being transferred up to Brayton Ward, in Anchorage. 

Elder Terry remains down here to continue the awesome work we've started. We just invited another girl to be baptized, and she Accepted! I'm not going to be here for the baptism, but it will be awesome. She's soon moving to Anchorage soon, too; maybe I'll see her up there.

On the minus side, I've been here 6 months. I'll miss this place. I'll miss the amazing people I've met here, and the incredible things I've been able to do (went fishing last monday. Pictures later). 

On the plus side... The Brayton chapel is 100 feet away from the Temple. ;)
and Walmart. Can't forget Walmart.

I don't have a lot of time, really, but I'll probably take this transfer sitting down (Literally: I'll be traveling from 6:00 AM to 9:35 PM. Flight 67, out of Ketchikan at 4:57, Dad, if you're interested), and I'm excited to go somewhere new. 

It will involve getting another ward Gluten Aware and being the one driving around (not excited for that. You all know how bad I do in city traffic...)

But anyway. Love to you all. Maybe I'll get to write more in Ketchikan. 

Love from the Moving-even-farther-north-North,

Elder Darcey

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