Saturday, July 28, 2012

First Email from New Area--ANCHORAGE

Up here in Anchorage is CRAZY! There's too many people and there's nobody I know, and people aren't definitely in our area, and too many people!
But really, I love it up here. Everything is cheaper, and the people are just as loving, and food is WAY easier to get at, and my new companion is Awesome. His name is Elder Patrius: he's a convert of 2 years, he's from Las Vegas, He has tattoos up both forearms, he's been out here for almost 4 months and he's AWESOME. He definitely has a testimony, and though he doesn't know a whole bunch, he's learning fast. it's just cool.

Hey, It's kinda weird to think it, but I'm only a convert of about four years. Huh.

Anyway, the area I've moved into is... slow. Really, it has a bunch of reasons for being that way. It's the smallest area in Anchorage, being only 1 mile square, about. The people here are rich (and kind of proud of it...), Content where they are, and have heard the missionaries a dozen times. The area's been tracted over and over, and nothings happened for a while. Well, we're going to change that. It's going to be awesome.
Getting GF is pretty easy up here. I got a package from the CLEGGS!!! THANKS SO MUCH! I especially thought the already popped popcorn was a good idea, and it wasn't too bad tasting, either.
16 GB USB drive for only 12 dollar! A 8 GB down south was 80! Anchorage rocks!
Also, Sister Peel! Thank you so much for your encouraging letters and cards! I love them so much and think they are awesome.
Anchorage is really different up here in July (July is its own season up here, along with June, Breakup and winter...) without snow. The sun's out most of the time (seriously. Most of the time. Like, from 2 AM to 11PM, with 12 and 1 in the morning being dusk/dawn) and the city is just large. But I love it. I managed to get my suitcases under 50 lbs! (49 for one, and 49.5 for the other) Moving was rough, but it's good now.
I love you all. I still pray for rain, and for all of you. Your prayers and letters are appreciated and loved up here.
Love from the Even-farther-north-than-previously-North,
Elder Darcey
Pictures are the NORTHERN LIGHTS Which I barely saw, but were amazing!!!!

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