Monday, July 2, 2012


I promised you I would send you a longer email this week; here it is:

This week in Craig has been great. There have been challenges certainly, but things have truly been wonderful. 
First, congradulations to my father for calling my bluff. It wasn't actually 108 degrees, as my last e-mail suggested. How I rigged the thermometer was simple: We went inside and left the truck in the sun. for a few seconds after turning the truck on, it showed a hotter temperature. 

BUT SERIOUSLY, IT WAS OVER 80 THE WHOLE DAY. I realize that this really isn't a problem for you down south, or East, or even farther south (comprende, Hermana?), but it's a problem up here (by the way, know that I am praying for rain for all you in the "real" heat wave). 

By the way, dad, you put way, waaayyyy a lot of effort into calling that bluff. Checking the photo's timestamps/metadata? going over the weather for the specific day? You almost put as much work into this as I would, and that's vaguely frightening.

Anyway, that's all water under the bridge. (up here, we actually have water under our bridges, not just dried riverbed) (I take that back. There's more fish than water under our bridges at the moment).

The missionary work is going great. This week was the most difficult time we've had in weeks for getting members to come with us to our lessons. it all culminated on Saturday, when LITERALLY the ENTIRE membership on the island was unavailable at 1:00 PM for a lesson. We know, because we called EVERY. SINGLE. MEMBER. We couldn't understand it; it wasn't even a good day for fishing or anything; it was rainy and cloudy (Up here, we actually get clouds and rain.). regardless, We've been having great lessons regardless of members showing up. Things are happening up here, and it makes me happy to be allowed to have a part in it. 

I got food poisoning last week. No, it wasn't Gluten, because my companion got it too. I slept for 4 hours and lost 2 pounds, then gained 5 pounds at dinner. Story of my life, right there.

I don't really have any spiritual thought this week, except my plea to everyone to watch the videos found on These are the best depictions of Christ that exist on the Earth. Everyone will love them. Watch them all. If the quality isn't good, check them out on Youtube, mormon channel. 

There's a missionary fireside on the 6th of July, open to everyone to watch. Family, Friends, All, I recommend watching it. 
6:30-8:00 pm, ALASKA TIME

Back up, if can't receive on computer, try PolyCom 1 by phone: 866.423.1957, code 6036103#
It's ok to copy/paste this info into email for parents...
If their time zone is too late, thay can watch/listen to practice webcast/polycom of the Rehearsal Thurs morning.

The church is true. God and Jesus Love us all. That's what matters.

Love to to you all from the It's-not-that-hot-but-it's-still-too-hot North,

Elder Darcey

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