Friday, January 6, 2012

The World Didn't End--Unless ALASKA Didn't Notice.

Huh? No emails--no letters? Oh well. There's always next week.

Anyway, happy new year, family and people.

Your emails, though a little late, filled me with happiness. Unfortunately, The Emails that I'm waiting for from my cousins still haven't materialized in my inbox. Go figure. Maybe they got eaten by computer bugs.

These couple weeks have been rather slow. The weather turned negative 20 again and is remaining there, but it's not really a problem. New years was fun for us; we just stayed up till midnight drinking martinellis, and dropped asleep as soon as it hit midnight.

It sounds like you got my package and pictures. That makes me happy.

The work has been progressing. We're working harder with our less actives. We have one who is active again (Missionaries 1, Satan 0), and another who's scheduling meetings with the bishop so he can come back again. When he comes back (M 2, S 0), he's wanting to bring his wife with him, and she's the type who would take the discussions if her husband were active (M 3, S 0).

Our investigators progress less, though still well. We have concluded that Our investigator (here I call him "Roy") doesn't have a speck of faith in him. He does want to know if God exists, but he then said that if he "Saw a being appear that said that he was God" He still wouldn't absolutely believe that it was. Roy wants to know, but he doesn't seem willing to search for an answer right now. He's patient. Too patient. He's going to be one of those people who just sits up one day and says "I need to get baptized". I can't wait for that day.

Anyway, That's Bear Mountain for you. All the members love you, Mom, and your Blog and they feed me well from it. I'm low on time, so I'll sign off here.

Elder Darcey
Did I tell you that I got an Alaska Library Card?

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