Monday, January 9, 2012

Burns Happen--not just from Heat But Cold Too

No 18 feet of Snow--not for lack of trying, but our storms? Only three or four FEET per storm. It's Cordova and that area that you need to worry about and pray for. They have to dig down just to reach their houses.

Anyway, Family,

Hello. The work goes well. Our investigators continue to progress. We had another meeting with Roy, which is pretty much always awesome. He knows so much about everything, but is very careful and patent.

We finally got in touch with another investigator whom I haven't ever met, because she's been out of town or busy. I'll call her Bobby. We have a lesson set up with her this week, so remind me to tell you how it went next time.

Our other investigator is awesome. His name is John. He's in the army, divorced with 5 kids. Our first lesson with him after the holidays went awesome. He's made it a new years goal to read and pray about the Book of Mormon every day. He's still waiting for that the Spirit to allow him that "good feeling", but he's open and ready to get it.

This week is all about The Lord's time. If I take nothing else out of this area, it will be the knowledge that things happen in the Lord's time, not ours. Isaiah 55:8-9.


Aidan got Braces? YAY?

I got to hold and take (bad) pictures of a SS Dagger. (These daggers were more honorary than anything, but they were incredibly revered. The SS were never supposed to surrender it on pain of death. Roy's Dad got it from a SS Storm trooper who "didn't need it anymore". The Trooper tried to break it repeatedly, than finally broke the scabbard and threw the blade at Roy's Dad. Roy's dad spent the next couple hours looking in the bushes for it. It's an incredible relic--particularly for a blade guy like me.

I finally got the package that Uncle Gary sent. it got here almost a month after it was sent, but it did get here. Please tell him Thanks a lot.

I'm glad all my grandma's are doing great. Happy birthday to Great Grandma Bezzant and to all my cousins. And my sister, but I'll email her on her birthday. Maybe.

Our less actives are fun. They know where they should be, but they can't get there. We work with them a lot.


Did you know you can get burn blisters from cold just like heat?
Picture this:
-14 F
Elder Darcey, among others, helping a woman unload her trailer
Elder Darcey just in his shirt and gloves, because he's really hot (seriously)
Elder Darcey getting a bunch of large metal pipes in his arms and carrying them around
Elder Darcey getting freezer blisters on his arms from where the pipes touched.

They're healing rather nicely, so don't worry.


Love and prayers to all of you. Remember that the Lord will help you and answer your prayers, but on His time, when it will help us the most. We're looking in times of hours, days and weeks, but the Lord sees us from the beginning to the end and throughout the eternities.

Elder DArcey

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