Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I GOT A CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of this beautiful place will come when I remember to bring my cord as well. This camera is the King of taking pictures. I kid you not; this is the greatest thing ever. Thank you so much for this.

Hello family and friends and everyone else,

I am so glad to now have many more emails from family. It's weird, but since writing you last week, it's hard to remember all that we've done. I'll try, but it only seems like yesterday that I wrote you all previously.

Out lesson with Bobby fell through. Her daughter was trying to cook something, and it exploded, so Bobby has her and her grand kids now while her daughter goes to the burn treatment center. It's up to you to imagine what might have been cooking that could explode.

Jack continues to progress. He's doing so awesome, I love it. He just randomly talked to us yesterday and told us that he was planning on coming to church this week. We didn't really have to do anything.

Mom, I have heard of many weird things regarding GF-ness. First, There are rumors that Vinegar has gluten in it? What?
second, I have heard rumors that it is possible to make wheat flour GF???? I suspect that these things are apostate and blasphemous. Please advise. {"Yes, bunk and blasphemy."}

Anyway, one day this week we were supposed to get 18 inches of snow where we were, so we were ordered inside. How much snow fell? an inch. The weather remains crazy. It's been really clear for a week or so, so the temperature has dropped to the negative teens again. On the plus side, we get a little sunlight now.

We received a great blessing this week. Our dinner calendar walked off (again), so we were calling around the members to see if anyone knew where it had gone. We weren't worried, because it always turns up. Anyway, while calling around, a member asked us about tracting. From there, it eventually wound around to her giving us a referral for a woman recently widowed with eight children. We're planning on contacting her ASAP, so I'll have news on that, Hopefully. And, what a blessing in a wandering calendar.

I was worried to hear about Sister Darcey, and want her to know that My Threats (which aren't idle; just ask mati, saje and jessie about a certain night and a hotel balcony...) are still standing. I am praying that her health improves.

I was glad to hear of Aidan and his school. I would like to hear more about that when you figure out what's going on.

We're out of time because we couldn't email on PDAy (holiday) so I'll say bye.


Elder DArcey

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