Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Riddle PART II

Yup, I'm coming Home...

...unless I can get a new camera.

[Google *Troll Face* and insert the image here please, mother]

Were you thinking of something else?

Got you! I still love it up here, and the mission goes great; I just need a
new Camera. There are such beautiful things up here, but I can't get
pictures of any of them. Do you realize that my camera can only take
4 mega-pixel shots?

Ridiculous. Anything with a flash becomes static and unreal, and anything
without is blurry and dark. If I'm going to make it through Alaska (I'm not even in the beautiful areas yet) I'm going to need a better camera. I realize I told you all that I didn't need one, and that I could make it with my decade old, piece of junk, but that was then, this is now. It first hit me when I was taking pictures of the temple last week. I couldn't get
good shots (I'm even using *good *very broadly here. Here, I define good as: not blurry, not dark, and not something my father would be embarrassed to even look at: {"That's not my son! No child of mine could take such worthless pictures!"}) to save my life, while everyone else was getting these beautiful pictures, even without flash, in the dark; however they took them, they ended up great. I can only take video for a minute at a time, and it takes thirty seconds to save so I can take another. It takes ten seconds to recharge the flash.

So, my question: Should I just get a camera up here, or can I get you all to send me a better one? I can be
pretty patient, so long as I know not to get one because another is on the way. It would be pretty embarrassing to buy one, only to have another show up in the mail the next day. So, please get back to me on that.


I was happy to get Christmas packages from Mom and Aunt/Uncle Jan/Tom and the Atkinsons and Braydon (soon again to be Elder) Gardner. No, I didn't wait until Christmas to open them. NO REGRETS. When on a mission, It doesn't make sense to not use something that might be of value to you right then.

That said, thanks for the cookies and crackers and pretzels and the tie and the Reeses (Atkinsons, did you actually individually wrap all the reeses you sent me??) and the dancing flower and penguin (they just make me depressed, to tell the truth. They haven't moved since I got them.) and the CTR ring (AMAZING) and the mixes and the popcorn and the hot chocolate and the food and the letters.

(Connor Atkinson: I give up. I've been trying nonstop to make your invisible ink visible, and I've got nothing. Water, nothing. Heat, nothing. Water and Heat, nothing. Saliva, nothing. Light, nothing. Fire, nothing. I give up. Please tell me how to visible-ize your letter to me.)

Unless, it too is a joke.

(Brock, Thank you for telling me nothing about Skyward Sword. That lack of knowledge made my day. Continue to not tell me anything and there will be Northern Light pictures for you, assuming I get a better Camera.)

(Cami,Thanks for telling me the date of your Endowment. I could go through the temple with you in my mind. The only problem was that you didn't tell me which temple to go through, so I got lost in my mind somewhere between
Idaho Falls and St. George. Please Advise)

(Mati! You're doing so good and you're not engaged and that makes me happy! I'll get back to you later as
soon as I get envelopes!) and all the other things I forgot to mention. I'm sending you a package myself, so I'll send it as soon as I confirm the locale.

Hugs, Elder Darcey

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