Monday, December 26, 2011

Answers to the Universe and Everything

Dear Family

Still no Photos - Camera Problem--although I think I've belabored that point.

Christmas is in less then a week, which is weird because I swear that Halloween was yesterday, but anyway. Expect a call from me sometime on Christmas Day, kthx. I'm not skyping, though we have permission. Why? I hate Skyping almost as much as I hate jeans.

What was the weirdest thing that happened this week.

This is more just a funny/feel good thing, but it also was pretty weird. We went to dinner and were sitting around the table afterwards. One of the daughters was running around the table and climbing on the back of our seats, where we would grab her and keep her there for a second or two. It
was great fun. She runs behind my chair and I snag her arms and keep her from running. I let her go and she runs off. Her mom calls her into the kitchen and she runs in, saying: "I couldn't get away because his muscles were so strong!!!" It came from a 3 year old, yes, but it was still pretty happy.

What was the thing that made you the happiest?
We went to zone conference this week, up in willow. It lasted all day, and was amazing. We talked about using the Christmas message to greater effect, especially through this season. At the end, I broke out my Ocarina and some
of the missionaries started crying in happiness. They, as well as President/Sister Beesley all broke out cameras and recorded me. It was pretty awesome.

Tell us about the clothing that you are wearing and how many layers to keep warm.
It's me, come on. I wear my shirt and my rain jacket. I wear my underwear and my pants. I wear my socks and my shoes/boots, depending on the temperature. If it's warmer, I wear my boots for the waterproofing. I wear
my skullcap and gloves when we're going to be outside for longer than a few minutes at a time. On service days, I wear my Heck-spawned Jeans (no, they haven't gotten any better) and my hoodie, boots, gloves and hat. I normally
wear one layer of clothes and am quite warm therein. On the really, really cold days (-10 or below; we haven't had one in several weeks) I wear thermal legs under my pants. Besides that, no changes. I'm still wearing short sleeved white shirts under my rain jacket.

Your typical day is like what?

I'm sending you a planner so you can see. Don't lose it. A typical day is filled with dropped appointments and people canceling and a lot of study.

I love my mission so much. It makes it better that I have great people at home who are backing me up, Except for those people who don't send me email addresses, despite me asking for them repeatedly and frequently (I'm
looking at you with my stern face, cousins)

Is Sister Darcey seriously not able to keep her diet???? This is not good at all. I like her hair, and would rather it stay upon her head.

Speaking of people in the Stake, you need to look up Elder Lee, of the Brook Hollow Ward. He's been out here 20 months and is my Zone Leader. Works with the Hmong speaking people. Turns out we never met before getting sent out here, yet we're in the same stake. He's awesome, so you need to find and speak with his family. kthx.

Not much more to say, seeing as I'll be taking to you in a few days. Love to all, Prayers to all, and I'll see you in 669 days. (Honestly, I'm not counting on purpose.)

Hugs, Elder Darcey

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