Monday, February 25, 2013

Stake Conf, Techs, Investigators and More


It's great to talk again, on this beautiful and rare non-holiday Monday. I have some things to say, mostly hilarious, some less so, I'll leave it to you to judge which are which.

First off; Anyone remember our Investigator I talked about a while ago? She was married in the Hmong culture, but not legally, but culturally, and she was very, very interested in learning about the book of Mormon? We lost contact with her for a while, then reconnected and have been teaching her since. Right?


We've been teaching her younger sister who looks just like her. oops. Elder Darcey, who is a great martial artist, reader, and expounder of random trivia, CAN'T tell faces apart. They look pretty similar, but not enough that any competent person shouldn't be able to tell them apart.

On the upside, it means we just got another investigator... I guess. On the Downside, we haven't had any contact with our original investigator for almost 6 months. We'll fix that.

Next on the benefit discussion list is Stake Conference. We as missionaries got to go, and it was wonderful. Want to know the best part? Check out the Photo.  We are the controllers.  We came early to check out the camera and broadcasting equipment, and next thing you know, WE'RE in charge of "The" cameras for the ENTIRE Conference. It was Crazy! Entrusting the Broadcast to Nome, Bethel, and Kotzebue to 2 missionaries! It was crazy! Again, it was Crazy!  The Lord trusts us!

It was also Crazy fun. We had a great time learning all the things to do. (Their setup was similar to what we do for trainings, but much more intricate. For example, they control each camera with a joystick (4 of them), can do captions, picture in pictures, and many other things that we cannot. It was great to learn about each thing. In the End, I invite you to watch a session of General Conference, paying attention to the Camera work. That's what our Broadcast looked like.

Except, you know, a lot less professional and a lot more mistakes.

But anyway, This week has been great.

My birthday is coming up. I feel I should remind you that I'll be coming home shortly after my birthday. I would ask, therefore, that no one sends up any large, bulky, heavy, or in any way cumbersome presents for my birthday. I was at my Weight limit a year ago, and I've only gotten more weighty (ha ha) since then.


I'm about out of time, but I have a great spiritual thought from Conference. One of the testators asked a great question. When God separated the light from the Dark, he "saw" that it was good. Didn't he know already? If He did it, wouldn't it automatically be good?

Answer: God Already KNOWS what is Good. He knows that what he does is good. He is our example and he wants us to know, because He is Good. Whatever God gives us, no matter what it is, is good. It cannot be Bad. We might think so, but it cannot be. Whatever God gives us, is for our Good.

That's all. Think about what's happened to us. God gave it all. Think about how everything, even the "bad things," are for our Good.

Anyway, I love you all. See you.

Love from the North,

Elder Darcey

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