Monday, February 11, 2013

Lots More To Say This Week, So Don't Worry


It's great to talk this beautiful winter morning. I'm going to stop saying how the weather is, because it all changes before I finish typing the sentence. Groundhog Day does not affect Alaska.

Anyway, I have a lot to say this week. first off, transfers are tomorrow, and...

I'm staying. YAY! I get to spend another transfer with the Hmong people! It makes me super happy. My companion and I are also the official Tech Elders of the mission, which is also awesome. We're now in charge of everything technological in the mission, such as cameras, broadcasts, slideshows, computers, Webcasts, and so forth.

I'm also excited to still be in the Hmong branch. The people up here are wonderful, and I love teaching them and living around them. I also LOVE the FOOD. This week we had Meat Buns GF!!! They are some of the greatest things ever.

This week was great for work as well. We had Elder Christiansen of the Seventies come and speak to us as missionaries and mission leaders/bishops. It was a wonderful experience. He really talked about how the Lord has been doing his part to hasten the work; now we need to do our part. 

Miracle Time! After emailing last week, the next day I found that my USB with ALL my pictures from the past year was lost. Terrified, I looked everywhere. We went back to the Place of email, and someone had found it and given it to the lost and found. It was great to see that people are still honest and decent. Makes me happy.

anyway, I need someone to look into BYU majors about cyber security. People were talking about it up here, and I think I just found my major, whatever it may be. Please check, someone, whenever you have time.

We went to a fireside yesterday. It was incredible to me how many of the members in the Bear Mountain ward still remembered me, even though it's been over a year, and I was only there 3 months. They are such nice people.

Anyway, The weeks been great. I love it up here.

Finishing up;

Love from the North,

I dislike long-sleeved shirts. Just to let you know. 

And me, with my favorite food up here; PHO!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

The bowls, full of soup, weigh about 6 pounds apiece. GOOD!

Elder Darcey

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