Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lots of things to Say! (Lie)


First off, Phil the Groundhog is the Beast that rises out of the Earth in Revelations. Just to let you all know...

This week has been great. First, some fun things that happened:

We were recording a Training that was being broadcast out to the mission. We had been working hard to get it all set up, and it was going great. We write it onto a DVD, and everything looks great... until we realize that the sound cord wasn't plugged into the DVD player. We recorded 2 hours of soundless training. Oops.

Well, Murphy's Law was, once again, vindicated.

I forgot a tie one day. So the Tech Elders in the library took it upon themselves to make one for me. It's made out of construction paper. Go figure. Turned out pretty well.

The big thing that happened this week was the time we spent with the Older people in our Branch this week. After a MASSIVELY hectic day, we ended up at our Member's home for dinner. From there, we all trooped over to the Church, where my companion and I taught the Branch to sing Hmong Hymns. It was beyond fun.

OH! DIA! My companion needs you to get in contact with a Teacher at the HTC (Hyperbolic Time Chamber), and get his address so my companion (Michael Crowther) can write him. Steven Beheshti.

  My Wookiee Fist is GREAT at scraping ice. Thanks a lot, Dia. And thanks so much for the Hmong hymnbook. That was EXACTLY what I needed. :)

Anyway, I need to leave. We have lots more stuff to do. I love you all, And wish the best for you. LOVE LOVE LOVE from the NORTH,

Elder Darcey

 And a service at the library! we were getting the mascot out... and that's that. No, I didn't wear it.

This was not a 100$ letter. Sorry, sorry, sorry. But maybe next week.  

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