Monday, October 15, 2012

Rose Tinted Happiness


 Well, I really am doing good here.

Even if I weren't, I wouldn't notice. You know me: I see through the world with rose-tinted contacts, and hear through rose-tinted... ears? Get the Pratchett Color of Magic quote for me, will you?

 [Sorry, couldn't do it, I'm a Pratchett ignoramus, sorry no chance--Mom]

"Twoflower didn't just look at the world through rose tinted spectacles, he looked at it through a rose tinted brain, too, and heard it through rose tinted ears." Pratchett  Proof that Mom has evolved during this mission too.

 But really, everything is great. I love it up here. I'm already stressing that a year has gone by; it simultaneously feels like a day and an eternity.

 Love Northward Elder Darcey

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