Monday, August 19, 2013

Zone Conference -- Elder Bednar

This was a week that will never happen again, as Long as I live.

Let me tell you about Zone Conference.

First, There is a joking movement in the Mission to get me "elected" AP. That likely won't happen.

Anyway, We drove up to Palmer and had a handcart trek for Zone Conference. We had three zones there, so it was a big gathering. We pushed handcarts for only about 6 miles, but the terrain was designed to be rough. We went from 10 that morning to 10 that night. We pushed through lots of sand, up cliffs (literally), through rivers, mud, and so many other things. Our district did it all while my companion rode in our cart, he being handicapped with a cane.

It was a great conference. In the middle we broke our the wood that we had brought in and made fires, and cooked dinner. The whole trek was incredible.
Next, just two days afterwards, Who should come up but Elder David A. Bednar, of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. He was accompanied by a member of the Presidency of the 70, our Area 70, and Bishop Causse, 1st councilor of the Presiding Bishopric.

Like I said, This would never happen again.

Just a few thoughts about what Elder Bednar said to us. It was a one-on-one, with just the missionaries, so it was amazing. Mostly he spoke about action. Before we should expect help or guidance from the Lord, we need to act for ourselves.
We need to be Agents to act, not just Objects to be acted upon. And when we teach, we need to let everyone we talk to be Agents as well. We can never treat anyone as objects, because we are ALL children of God, with INFINITE potential.
We got to have a question and answer session with him. He said things to us that blew my mind. One was on Apostolic Authority. Basically, when we read the Doctrine and Covenants, we're reading history. When an Apostle reads The revelations, given through Apostolic Authority, it's just as if the Revelation was being given anew.

It was amazing to think about. There are only 15 men on earth with that power and authority, and I got to shake hands with one. It was an amazing experience.

Anyway, Love you all. I'm about out of time, but know that this was an awesome week for me.

Love from the North,
Elder Darcey

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