Monday, July 1, 2013

Second and Last Birthday in the Mission Field


First, thanks for the Birthday Wishes. I have a quick story about that from up here.

You all know I don't like being surprised. I far prefer being the surpriser, not the surprisee. So, of course the Zone had to get together and plan a surprise party for me, which ended up COMPLETELY surprising me, despite all the evidence that screamed at me to notice what was going on, such as...

1. A senior couple in Eagle River telling us they had gotten a Hmong family they wanted us to teach at their house... (there are no Hmong in Eagle River)
2. Getting there to find another Companionship already there (they said they had to talk to the Zone Leaders who lived downstairs, so ok...)
3. Two more Companionships showing up (AT this point, The Spirit Literally just had me in a Headlock, dulling all of my senses and perceptions. You'll see why later.
4. A cake in the kitchen with a "21" candle on it (I thought it said "18", and thought the senior couple had a grandson they would skype later... but it didn't explain all the missionaries... or the cake being here...)
4.5. Missionaries signing a card next to the cake (I... don't know How I missed it at this point)
5. An elder coming up to me and wishing me happy birthday as soon as he arrived (that elder's personality was just like that... I didn't notice the other Elder bonking his head afterwords and telling him I didn't know yet)
6. almost the entire Zone showing up by this point (I was wondering how we would teach the Hmong family with all these missionaries underfoot...)
7. The Senior missionary coming to me and telling me that the Hmong family had "cancelled" just before we got there (why didn't they tell us earlier?)

AT this point, My instincts finally overpowered the Spirit and just yelled at me "RUN!" I started out the door, still wondering what I was running from, when the Spirit made my legs lock up. I couldn't run, and other missionaries grabbed me and dragged me back. ONLY AT THAT POINT did I realize that it was a birthday party for me.

So, in conclusion, My testimony of the Spirit came out strengthened, because there is no way ON EARTH that I normally would have missed that many OBVIOUS clues and hints without even a single thought or warning going through my mind.

Anyway, the rest of the week was awesome. I had a great experience walking 10 miles yesterday, through all of North Anchorage, because my beloved companion didn't notice on Saturday that we were almost out of gas... Today, I can't walk too well. My heels have horrific blisters on them. My muscles are OK, though, they just are sore. I think if my shoes had been broken in, I would have been more ok, but it's all good.
Anyway, The Church is true. Love you all.

Love from the North,

Elder Darcey

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