Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Busy Stuff, and Transfers Ahead


I've heard a lot of awesome things going on down there, and on one hand I want to be there with you...

But on the other hand, Nothing you all can do could make me come home now.

This week has been amazing. We baptized our investigator Josiah on Saturday, and it was amazing. I hadn't been feeling all that great that day, and throughout the preparations I just didn't feel all there. Then I watched him get baptized, and the entire world just seemed to Right itself. It was great. 

Anyway, I'll send you pictures next time. We're on a timetable today, more so than usual. Today the new missionaries get here for the next transfer! And just to defy all reality, I'm still in the Hmong Branch! It's actually looking more and more likely that I'll be there until I die (missionary lingo: Die=go home).

Anyway, I've received a lot of E-mails asking about my health. I want to state, now and forever after, That I am Healthy, except for my lower back which has been giving me a lot of pain, which is what the doctors were looking at for Kidney Stones, which I DON'T HAVE. So don't worry. It's just some muscle problems that I don't know what I did toy have, but it's healing great. 

So don't Worry. 

Anyway, The week is awesome. It's been Roasting hot up here. Yesterday, it got all the way up to almost 80 Degrees. We were dying. 

Sorry for the scattered thoughts, but We're super busy this next week with all sorts of transfer stuff. I'll probably be more coherent next time. 

Anyway, I've heard a lot about what's going on down there, So know that You're all in my prayers, both asking for help for you all, and gratitude for the amazing things you've all been able to accomplish.

So, Love from the BLISTERING-HOT-North,

Elder Darcey

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