Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glaciers and Musk Ox and Transfers... OH MY!


 First off, I'm on a bad computer again, so sorry.

Second, I just got transfer calls. I'm going to serve in the Hmong branch. I'm serious! I get to go and learn a language! (TAKE THAT, COUSINS, SIBLINGS AND SIBLINGS BOYFRIEND WHO ALL KNOW CHINESE AND SPANISH (and french; How's that going anyway, Dia?)...

 So, I'm pretty sure most of you are wondering what that is anyway, so I'll explain. Hmongs are from China, Laos and the surrounding areas, and they've been kicked out for various reasons.

Wikipiedia has it better; just check it out there. Anyway, A lot of them found their way to Alaska (and Tulsa, by the way) and there found us, the LDS missionaries. Therefore, the Hmong Branch was born. And now I'm going to serve there.

 "But Elder Darcey! What will happen to Brayton, your current area?

 I'm glad you asked, random questioner. The answer is that another Elder and his trainee will move in and work here. I trust that they'll do well.

 "Isn't it sad to leave Brayton?" Well, yes it is, random questioner. I'm very sad to leave this wonderful area, but the Lord has something else in store for me. Something that involves an 8-tone-language to learn. It will also be difficult, as my skill with languages is... lacking. However, It will all work out in the end. As one of my favorite scripture ever states: "Sanctify [yourself], for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you" (Joshua 3:5). As I have faith and work hard, it will work out. I will learn an impossible language, I won't get sick from Hmong food, I will Do Awesome.

 So, we had a great Pday the other day. We went out to the wilds around anchorage and saw awesomeness. Don't believe me? Check out the Grizzly bear photo.

OOh, OOH! Dia! I'm sending you a package that will reach you in the next couple days! Take out the stuff that's for you, then please drop the rest off in Kamas when you can! Check out the picture in the Bottom of the package! It's been fun up here. The sun is almost normal, which will remain for about another couple days before the sun stops coming up. I CAN'T wait for winter. I'll probably be in Hmong for a couple transfers, though.

 Any other questions, Random Questioner? "Nope, I'm Good."

 That's good. If you have any other questions for me, make sure to write it on a post-it note, stick it on some food, and send it to me.

 Or email me (I miss car-talk, if you didn't notice).

From the Asian North,  Elder Darcey

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