Monday, May 27, 2013

Holidays, Hot Days and Other Days


First, Happy Memorial day.  Aren't we blessed by military service?

Random note that leads into my next thought: My current companion's dad was in the Navy for 20 years, and is now doing consultant work in Qatar. in Qatar, it gets up to 120 degrees during the day. That brings me to my (squirrel moment) next point: the weather.

This last week, the temperature has skyrocketed. With no clouds, sunlight 20 hours a day now, and 65 degree weather, it's getting unbearable up here. Mom said that Dad was looking for property in St George. I must tell you now, should you do this, you will live out your retirement without ever seeing me again. 

But seriously. Yesterday the temperature got up to 74 degrees, and We (figuratively, but almost literally) died. It was horrible. We couldn't walk, breath, think... it was a nightmare, and this was with 0 humidity. So, I decided to start planning for my homecoming. (not really. I'm not thinking about it at all. Except for this one minor detail). The Stake President's office must have the A/C on at the lowest setting for at least an hour before I get there. Sounds good? kthx.

Strawberry-Lemon Baked Alaska RecipeWe hiked up a mountain with some members in our branch yesterday. Here's a picture or two. Anyway, this week has been wonderful, besides the heat stroke and mirages. We met with a young investigator this week who's been meeting with missionaries for the last couple weeks. In the first 5 minutes of the lesson, we committed him to be baptized and set a date for him. It was amazing. We barely had to do anything at all; he is so prepared and knowledgeable.

Anyway, I guess you... could... if you really wanted to... send me some shoes... maybe... Oh, and thanks for not sending any long sleeved shirts. did I mention that it's HOT up here?


Let me share a random fact, then a thought. The Fact is that Alaska is the #1 consumer of Ice Cream in the USA--moreso even than Utah. (bonus fact 2: Australia is number one in the world). When I first got up here, I thought Alaskans just ate ice cream throughout the year because they didn't care how cold it was, thus they were number one. Here's the real story. Alaskans don't eat any more ice cream in the winter than anyone else They just eat THAT MUCH MORE during the summer. We're so used to -20, that we start eating ice cream at +30, and then just increase consumption as the temperature goes up. So there you go.

Now for one more thought: I did a training this week on Virtue, but not what you usually think about it. Virtue comes from the Latin word VIRTUS, which means POWER, or STRENGTH. Go and read D&C 121:45 again, using power instead of Virtue. Oh wait, I did it for you. :) "...let POWER garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God..." So, What is this power? It is the Power of God. Whether it comes through Priesthood, or Faith, or whatever, The Power of God is with us when we are Virtuous. Thus came my new phrase for the Week, of Month, or whatever. "When we are Virtuous, we will have Virtue (Power)" --Elder Darcey, 2013

Or, in other words, when we are being righteous and thinking good things and shunning the bad, we will have power. Whether boldness, or confidence, of just plain old power, we will have it.

Anyway, that's all.

Love From the Blistering-hot-I-know-it's-only-70-but-that's-HOT-North,

 Elder Darcey

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