Monday, June 11, 2012

Transfers Today--And I AM Not In Ketchkan

Pictures are of me and a Steam Donkey, which is a large, obsolete logging tool. look it up. I bet Dad used one.

 The picture of the moos-en (a flock of moose, obviously) is actually my mission president on the right, along with the mission assistants. they said that transfers wore them down, like a 5000 piece puzzle.


 It's good to be writing you from NOT Ketchikan on this beautiful summer day. In fact, it's great to be alive today. I'm not in Ketchikan, the hummingbirds are out, I'm not in Ketchikan, our investigator is still plugging along for baptism. Neither Elder Terry nor I are leaving Craig, the work is going great, I'm not in Ketchikan.  I'm so glad things are going OK at home and for my two favorite sister missionaries abroad, the weather just got nice today, I'm not in Ketchikan, I'm not in Ketchikan, I'm not in Ketchikan, I'm not in Ketchikan, I'm not in Ketchikan, I'm not in Ketchikan, I'm not in Ketchikan, I'm not in Ketchikan!!!!

This photo is of me eating fish eyeballs.  Which Mom is sure I did also not do!

 Sorry, Got a little too excited. As you might be able to tell, I'm glad I'm not currently in Ketchikan. As far as Alaska goes, Ketchikan is not my favorite place to be.
Anyway, everything's been going great for me up here. I've had so many great experiences up here, It's hard to pick only a few to talk about.

Trials come, and they're pretty difficult. However, The Lord doesn't give us anything we can't handle.

I would like people to check out the book "Believing Christ". It talks about how we need to not only believe IN Christ, but we need to BELIEVE him. When he says that he can make us perfect, we need to believe Him. The church gets a lot of flack for not believing in Grace. That's not true. We believe in Grace as much as anyone else. If we have ever made a mistake, we need the Grace of Christ to save us. None of us deserve to be saved and we can't earn it.  Grace just comes through His Grace because he loves us.

Here is another really great link to a great talk defining more Grace beliefs:

Luckily, we have a judge who's going to be merciful. He's not going to be fair, because if he were fair we would all be in Heck. He's going to be merciful, not because we deserve it, but because he loves us.

Anyway, I'm off. Love to all from the North, but not Ketchikan,

Elder Darcey

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